Certification Softskill

Softskill is the Personal Enhancement Programme for Pre-Graduates.

In a recent Jobstreet.com poll on unemployed graduates, some 3,800 hiring managers expressed the worn-out grouse — local graduates are simply not up to the mark!

They are unhappy with graduates' poor command of English, unsatisfactory character, attitude or personality, unrealistic expectations of salaries or benefits, limited general knowledge and poor demonstration of problem-solving skills, among others.

News Straits Times, 7th January 2007

Introduction in view of the above, we believe it should be a shared responsibility of the nation. This program is designed to prepare pre-graduates for the real world awaiting them. Conducting a job search is in itself a full time job. Thorough preparation increases the chance of having a successful interview. In order to boost that chance, this program is designed to cover key topics such as resume writing, job interviewing, communication and personal grooming.

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the holistic approach they need to prepare before stepping into the job market.
  • Understand that job search is a process to market and sell oneself.
  • Prepare and write resume that impresses potential employers.
  • Handle the job interview session better to increase the success rates.
  • Develop an attractive personality to impress potential employer through personal grooming, communication, and confidence.

Concepts and techniques will be internalised throughout the workshop through lectures, role-plays and group activities using an integrative learning approach.

This is a 2-day workshop subject to fine-tuning depending on the participants'.

Day 1

Building self-confidence
  • Building self-esteem
  • Positive mental attitude towards success
  • Expectations of self in the future

  • Practical activity
  • 45 seconds self-introduction
Preparing Resume
  • How to write one that will make a good impression
  • Resume writing basics
  • Resume writing tip
  • Analyse samples of good and bad resumes

  • Write good cover letters
  • Analyse samples cover letters

  • Write thank you letters

  • Practical activity
  • Resume writing
  • Drafting own resume
  • Drafting cover & thank you letters
Projecting positive image
through personal grooming
  • 1st impression counts
  • Good dressing sense
  • Make-up, skin & hair care
  • Personal hygiene & health

  • Practical activity
  • Body language & gestures
  • Correct posture in standing, sitting and walking for positive impact
  • Develop facial expressions, eye contact and smiles

Day 2

Job Interviewing
  • Various types of interviews
  • Common interview questions

  • Dealing with tricky questions
  • Samples of questions
Job Interviewing Stages
  • Before: Preparing for the interview
  • Do your homework – researching companies
  • Listing some of your attributes – researching yourself
  • Practice, practice and then Practice some more

  • During: Succeeding on the Interview
  • Dressing for the interview
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Answering Questions
  • Asking Questions

  • After: Following-up on the interview
Practical activity
  • Role-plays of interview sessions
  • Coaching the sessions